All About the Yamaha C1X and the Yamaha C3X

At Richard Lawson Pianos, we have over forty years of experience within the piano trade, where we offer, not only beautiful pianos, but technical knowledge regarding piano refurbishment and set-up, and musical understanding of what it is like to play piano in terms of both sound and feel. Our piano showroom is based in Rickmansworth, and we have a wide range of pianos available to view online for those who are further afield. We supply pianos to beginners and experts alike, as well as schools and local authorities. Today we will tell you about the Yamaha C1X and Yamaha C3X pianos.

Yamaha CX Series

The Yamaha Conservatoire ‘CX’ Series is possibly the most popular range of 6-foot grand pianos across the globe. The CX Series represents the experience of the brand, now in its 130th year, this range shows it stands the test of time, the C Series, having been a world-renowned piano for over fifty years. Blending tradition and innovation, the CX Series extended on this design with a clearer, more refined tone, and bold design, enabling you to transform any room into a concert hall at the tinkle of its keys.

Yamaha C1X

The C1X model of the CX Series is a baby grand, and approximately half the size of the full-sized grand piano, measuring at 5 feet 5 inches. It delivers a better bass sound from the alternative C2 series and offers a warmth and body unfound in any other known models of this size. It features incredibly well-scaled piano keys, with rich tenor and upper registers, and extremely refined action. If you do not have the budget or space for a full-size grand piano, the Yamaha C1X Baby Grand Piano makes a great substitute.

Yamaha C3X

Also, part of the Conservatoire Series, the C3X is a full-size grand piano, measuring at 6 feet 1 inch, offering a new development on the C3. The soundboard crown has changed to offer an improved resonance, with the strings and hammering being ungraded, and the back-beam and bridge being wider. These changes result in a warmer, more fluid feel, bringing a better sense of artistry than previous models that were very functional, but perhaps lacking this finer quality. The treble has a good sustain and projection, and the bass has a better tonal quality. It is able to mimic even larger pianos, and its highly responsive action provides great control, retaining a wonderful clarity, even at stronger levels. 

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