A Comparison Between The Kawai GL30 and GL50

Kawai pianos have gone from strength to strength in recent years, producing some of the best quality grand pianos. Used by the top pianists in the world and suitable for both the home and practise studios, the GL grand piano range is no different. Today, we shine the spotlight on the Kawai GL30 and GL50 in order to offer a comparison between the two. Both provide excellent value for money at the prices we offer at Richard Lawson Pianos and a professional-level performance.


The Kawai GL30 model is a smaller model than the GL50, measuring at 166 cm in length and 150 cm in width, whilst the GL50 measures at 188 cm in length and 152 cm in width. Therefore, there is a noticeable difference in length. This additional length offers longer strings, particularly within the bass section. The result of this is that you are given a richer tone overall in the GL50.


Both models feature the same pioneering Millennium III Action. This key element uses ABS carbon composite for certain parts of the mechanism, which is a lighter yet stronger wood. This means that it provides a more responsive and faster action. The impact of this is noticeable as delicate pianissimo chords are effortless, and quick legato runs are much easier to achieve.


A great asset of both piano models is the pipe position museum desk as this enables you to have near-vertical positions as well as a flat position, allowing visibility across the piano to the other musicians or audiences. When it comes to the piano lid, the GL30 has two different option positions, whilst the GL50 has three.


Due to the differences, there is also a difference in the price of these piano models. The Kawai GL30 model is priced at £12,299 and the GL50 model is priced at £16,799. The GL50 being the more expensive model reflects the superior quality of this model. Although both top quality professional-level grand pianos, the GL50 has the slight edge when it comes to the overall sound.

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