Why the Steinway Model D Should Be the Next Piano You Buy!

The Steinway Model D concert grand piano is the perfect instrument for piano performers who want to achieve a brilliant and rich sound in their playing. Widely used by professional players around the world, this piano is the perfect way to show off your musical expertise and skill, as the exquisite craftmanship of this instrument makes for an incredible playing experience. The Model D is truly a beautiful creation that has a wonderful presence in concert hall settings.

Here, we shall illustrate just a few of the qualities that make the Model D concert grand piano such a superior and special instrument.

The piano body

Each aspect of the piano has been designed to provide maximum support and strength to surround the delicate interior system. For example, the ribs of the instrument are made from a durable sugar pine to assure strong support for the soundboard. Both the inner and outer piano rim of the piano are made entirely from hard rock maple and interconnect to form one single rim, a design technique that allows for maximum structural integrity. The bridges are also fitted by hand to allow for precise, individual string bearing inside of the instrument.

The keys

The keys on the Steinway Model D are carefully constructed to provide maximum tonal power and they are also slip-proof to give the player a high level of control in their playing. The keys are both stain and chip-proof, to ensure that they retain their excellent playing quality and sleek look for as long as possible. As well as this, the key bed has its own vented system to allow for humidity to escape the keys easily so the player to maintain their grip on the keys.

The sound

The soundboard on the Steinway Model D has been constructed in a similar way to the soundboard of a violin, to allow for an entirely even response across the scale of the piano and to create a long-lasting tonal response in the sound. The soundboard is also built entirely in a close-grained Sitka spruce wood, a material that has an unusually strong stability even whilst under the stress and vibration caused by a piano.

The pedals

The piano’s pedals are also made from a heavy, solid brass to provide a full, soft and sustaining sostenuto. The pedals are also slip-proof and stain-resistant, so will maintain allow the player maximum control, something that players will depend on whilst performing!

Hoping to find a Steinway Model D for sale?

Well, you might be in luck! At Richard Lawson Pianos, we have the Steinway concert grand piano for sale and are happy to discuss prices with customers who are interested in investing. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today and we shall be more than happy to discuss the Steinway Model D and our Steinway concert grand piano price in more detail with you.


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